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Welcome to Hop Stuff Brewery

Congratulations - such endeavours deserve a reward. How about a beer? Hop Stuff is served everyday at our Taproom in SE18 (and opening our new Taproom soon in SE8). Or find your nearest bar here.

Learn more about our range by clicking a can below.  

Otherwise just scroll to find out about stockists, get a job, see our events, read our latest news, or learn about our story.

Welcome to our website - behave yourself.

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Our story

'Craft beer ought to be for everyone’

This idea spurred James to start Hop Stuff Brewery in 2013. He unbuttoned his white-collar life to make craft beer to that enjoy can enjoy - whether a 'pint of lager' drinker, a hop lover or his sweet old grandma.

Since then, Hop Stuff has grown to a growing team of beer maniacs backed by over 650 investors. And the mission is still the same - kicking out craft beer that all types of folks can enjoy together. Sessionable and sippable.  

Visit our Taproom to taste the range, and while you're there sit back,and treat yourself to some beautiful sourdough pizza and Buffalo wings. 





A note from the founder, James Yeomans:

In 2013, in a desperate attempt to find great beer in the City of London (where I was then working) we ventured into the craft bars of London, but my mates quickly felt awkward and ostracised in their suits and lack of cracking facial hair. An idea emerged: why not start a brewery that celebrated and welcomed everyone to choose a better quality beer?

Hop Stuff Brewery was conceived. 

With the support of 72 Investors, we opened Hop Stuff Brewery in a modest unit on Woolwich's Royal Arsenal. On a shoestring budget, with grit and determination, the company started to grow. In August 2014 we hired our first employee and the journey accelerated. 

We invited more investment in 2016 to fund a new brew house, boost the brewing team, recruit a sales and marketing team, and open new sites for The Taproom brand across London and the South East. The crowd funding campaign was a huge success with £1,500,000 invested and over 600 investors now on board. We'll soon be upgrading to a bigger facility, employ over 30 team members and produce a capacity to satisfy the increasing demand for our beer.

The brewery started to bring craft beer to everyone. This idea remains at the core of what we do today. We try to avoid egotism and snobbery, but focus on just brewing damn tasty beer to make accessible to beer lovers; whether existing craft enthusiasts or those just venturing into the world beyond the green bottle. 

In summary, 2017 is looking huge for Hop Stuff Brewery:

1. New Brewhouse

2. New Taproom(s) 

3. More team members

4. Export our beer overseas

5. Invite more people than ever into craft 

So, with all this in mind - we're your brewery. We brew our beer to breed community; a community of social beer lovers, Investors, and Hop Stuff Brewery ambassadors.  

Take a look around the website for more information on us, and feel free to get in touch: Info@hopstuffbrewery.com

James (founder).