Hop Stuff Crowdfunding Round 3


Hop Stuff Crowdfunding Round 3

On Friday 26th of January 2018, we’ll launch our third round of Crowd Funding. ‘Funding III’ will raise what we need to nimbly grow our expanding Taproom business from 3 to 8 sites by the end of 2019.

Hop Stuff Brewery was born from the crowd. It all started with the first found round in 2013 and we’ve since gone on to employ over 50 people, open 2 bars, expand into a new 65hl brewhouse and now setting our eye on a bigger Taproom network than ever before.

Like the 3rd chapter of any great trilogy, Funding III is a huge step. Originally the Brewery planned 4 Taprooms, but the announcement of Taproom SE8 in Deptford and planning the 3rd in Kent created such a buzz that we’re keen to triple down and expand it. The Taprooms allow us to sling our arm around everyday folk to experience Hop Stuff, great local beer, and wicked pizza in a warm and welcoming environment. We encourage people to kick up their feet, dig into messy indulgent food, and ease into the world of craft beer – which is perhaps not-so-friendly at times. We’re proud to say this approach has served us well.

The other fact of the matter is that revenue forecasts are way up on previous predictions. After the second round of crowd funding in 2016 and a successful 2017, we’re forecasting £4.6m for 2018 and £11.1m in 2019. These forecasts make the Brewery’s growth amongst some of the more ambitious in a booming industry. As with the Taprooms, we reckon the driving force of this growth is in making craft beer more approachable to everyday people. I speak to friends who feel alienated or nervous navigating beer menus or packaging, so we want Hop Stuff beer to make the complicated simple, turn intimidating into welcoming, and open the floodgates into delicious beer.

So here goes Funding III.

The Crowdfunding opens via Crowdcube from 12pm Friday the 26th on: www.crowdcube.com/hopstuff. We expect to fund quickly with over £300,000 already raised. There is a little wiggle room though. We have set an upper fund limit of £800,000 so this would make Funding III our largest raise to date, and hopefully secure our spot as one of the biggest independent craft brewers in the U.K.



Craft Half Sponsorship with Street Child

Today we are proud to be announced as the official beer partner for NGO Street Child’s exciting new running event, The Craft Half. The Craft Half will take place on the 4th February 2018 and is a trail half marathon through Wimbledon Common. Making this a particularly unique event,  runners will be rewarded with half pints (well, 330mL cans) of Hop Stuff at fueling stations every two miles.

Participants can celebrate crossing the finish line with the ultimate 'Half-ter' Party. Street Child will host a toasty event village complete with live music, sizzling Street Food and, of course, more Hop Stuff beer! Runners can also opt for the less intense 10K option - all the benefits of the Craft Half but just one lap of the common.

Lucy James, Challenge co-ordinator for Street Child says, “We’re really pleased to have Hop Stuff Brewery on board as the official beer partner of the Street Child Craft Half as we know that they are as excited as we are to spread the word that running plus beer can make a huge impact on our ability to provide education to children in West Africa.”

As for us, Hop Stuff Brewery is thrilled to be the official beer partner of the Street Child Craft Half. Craft beer should be for everyone, so who better than these legends running 13.1 miles to make a difference to some of the world’s most vulnerable children. It's a good cause and a great event.

Runners are asked to fund raise a minimum of £150 which will support the charity’s projects in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria helping some of the most vulnerable children to go to school and learn. All .money raised will be matched pound for pound by the UK Government through to UK Aid Match.

Street Child believes that every child deserves the right to safety and to be empowered through education. Working in some of the poorest areas in the world, Street Child strives to ensure that every child has the chance to go to school and learn. We get a lot of sponsorship requests, but this one struck a chord.

To sign up visit: www.street-child.co.uk/craft-half



New Taproom in Deptford

This entry is by Alex Daulby, Hop Stuff Brewery's Taproom Operations Manager.

Start a brewery and a taproom will quickly emerge. Pallets position themselves to form seating, food trucks lurch into the car park, and hordes of humans wriggle out of the woodwork to savour some fresh local beer.

We craft beer lovers have been enjoying taprooms like this for a while now. Before travelling to distant towns (or suburbs), I’ll always have a nosey into whether there’s going to be a wee microbrewery en route that’ll host a few frothies. They’re always modest, homely, and tend to please most partners and family members. Like so many others, I rarely walk away from a brewery taproom without a smile and a good time.

We want punters feeling like this when they visit Hop Stuff’s Taprooms. We’re opening our second satellite site* in Deptford on December 1st, with another one on the way in Ashford next year – it’s my role to get these in good shape, so I have plenty on my hands.

*What’s a ‘satellite site’, you say? Well our brewery is a little out of the way. So that’s why we want to bring our taprooms to a neighbourhood near you.

The Deptford Market Yard is the perfect neighbourhood for a Hop Stuff Taproom. Moving in alongside the likes of Lomond coffee house, Little Nan’s Bar, Gita’s Portal, or Plain Bear puts us amongst a spicy mix-up of creative-minded entrepreneurs; using their hands and imaginations to rev up locals This is how we want to roll with The Taproom but with craft beer and pizza (hence our tagline: ‘Drink Craft | Eat Pizza’). Deptford has a vibrancy and diversity where we’re thrilled to throw our hat in the ring. Anyone can feel at home in this place.

Unit 2 is an elegant yet understated space where I can easily imagine being surrounded by mates, new and old, diving face first in to cheese-dream-inducing sourdoughs (‘sourdoughs’ means pizzas). The wide space will be divided into spots for diners, drinkers, and loungers; it should cater to the curious, the obsessive, or the traditional. Craft beer nuts, families, Tinder dates, social sports teams or the solo businessman should all feel comfy side-by-side, sipping a frosty and dining with their hands.   

Most importantly, we want our staff to represent the brewery mentality. We want to make you feel at home, and bend over backwards to look after you. Forget white table clothes and polished cutlery – feel comfortable and put your feet up. The staff should have a joke, have some edge, and know their stuff. We’ve got human beings with personalities; all proud to be part of our growing Hop Stuff Brewery.

Our Taprooms should be your neighbourhood brewery – but without the brewery. You don’t have to dress up nice to have top quality eats and drinks; just a good attitude, a love for local and an appreciation for happy taste buds. Taproom SE8 in Deptford will open 1st of December as a work-in-progress (while we get everything running up to speed). I can’t wait to roll out the rest in a suburb near you. But for the meanwhile, pop in for a half, say hello, and grab a charred out, crusty sourdough.

Taproom SE8.jpg


First Export to Japan

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First Export to Japan

by James Yeomans, Founder and Managing Director.

In 2013 when I started this crazy adventure never did I think I’d be sat here writing about of first pallets of beer heading out to the far east.

Earlier this year, after the crowdfunding success, we took a look at our new investor base and were stoked to see people from Australia, Asia, Sweden and the USA all backing Hop Stuff Brewery to be the next big thing in London. We took this vote of confidence and ran with it, reaching out to partners across the world to start a global expansion. Back in April I wrote a piece on Linkedin (because I’m so craft beer!) about world domination and today, our first giant leap into non-EU export has begun!

Japan has always fascinated me, and I’ve always been desperate to visit. So when we began talking to a distribution partner in Japan I thought, ‘WIN! I can now justify a trip to Japan to work with the Hop Stuff Brewery team!’ OK, so I might be getting a little ahead of myself. We’re not going to start opening an office in every country we export to, but the fire was lit for global reach. Japan has sat on a pedestal for us along with countries like the US, Canada and Australia; countries we have to export to in order to call ourselves a truly international brewery!   

The Japanese beer scene is thriving, as it is in a lot of Asian countries as people move away from rice beers and the old guard to start looking at new wave craft beer for their next pint. Our Japanese distributor works closely with the likes of Brewdog, Thornbridge, Magic Rock and several of the UK market leaders for craft beer. Now Hop Stuff Brewery is one of them.

Today we shipped a few pallets of Renegade IPA, Four Hour Session, APA and Unfiltered Pilsner (in all formats) in a cold chain container to ensure that the beer arrives as fresh and high quality as possible. With international expansion comes huge challenges and we’re fortunate to have an exceptional team both here, and with our new partner’s Tokyo base, to make sure our beer travels safely, chilled and sleeping soundly.

Hop Stuff Brewery is growing at over 100% a year, and our export plans form the cornerstone of the 2018-19 growth plans. We’re in advanced talks with US, Australian and Canadian distribution partners, with whom we hope to grow relationships so that Hop Stuff will reach all corners of the globe in the next year.

Exciting times ahead of Hop Stuff International. Maybe one day I’ll get that Japanese office after all.


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Hop Stuff Collaboration with Local Artists - Quite Good Cards

By Doug Gilbert – Brand and Marketing Manager

Hop Stuff Brewery recently had our first artistic collaboration for our new seasonal brew – a Mandarina Bavaria hopped Vienna Lager. We partnered with Quite Good Cards, a pair of brothers who design alternative greeting cards out of East London, to create the name and tap badge art for the beer. Basically, we gave them the keys to visually style our beer. This marks a new step for our seasonal releases where we seek to collaborate with like-minded local creatives – let’s have a beer and creative something new.

So let me share a bit about Quite Good Cards – brothers, Eddie and James.

The cards are wry, witty and very rarely make any reference to occasion (eg. There are very few birthday cards in the portfolio) The brothers work together on a concept, then the artistic brother, Eddie Ward, hand illustrates the artwork. If you haven’t checked out their website by now (or seen them at London’s Broadway Market on a Saturday), their humour hinges on the dry, punny and sometimes dark. Most cards pair likenesses of celebrities with an unlikely meeting of concepts; famous editions include ‘Adele Boy’, ‘Drake O’Malfoy’ and ‘Jeremy Irons’. As you can imagine, Adele looks like Del Boy, Drake looks like the Harry Potter antagonist and Jeremy Irons….is ironing his shirts. If they sound cheesy, don’t be so sure. Eddie’s attention to detail and elegant skill with brush or pencil prevent the cards from hitting ‘dad joke’ territory, with a dry and knowing delivery.  

When I was looking for artists with whom to collaborate, I stumbled upon their off-centre gallery of puns at Broadway Market. Upon perusing the first few cards I was sniggering, then gaffawing, and soon I was laughing aloud and Snapchatting all my favourites. I got in touch with the brothers via their website, and they were keen to do something with the Brewery.

I caught up with Eddie and James (the businessy brother) to have a beer and talk about producing something new together, as independent companies who trade on creativity. We vibed on a few shared challenges in the hustle-life of small business, discussed the direction Hop Stuff is going, and chatted about how the alternative greeting card scene is going. While they want to keep their unique cards this as their staple business, the guys are keen to branch out more and test their mettle. In a similar vein, Hop Stuff want to navigate through craft beer’s cliché traps, and tread fresh ground.

So, we embarked on doing something neither party had seen before and agreed to work together on the Vienna Lager seasonal brew. Given its Austrian heritage, they went with a Sigmund Freud theme and called it ‘Freudian Strip’ (on account of the great psychologist’s fascination with the sexy). The sly pun fit perfectly with both brands and the artwork process was set in motion. They produced the first draft and we were all in hysterics. It passed the test: James Ward says that if he and Eddie produce a concept and are both laughing, then it goes to print. And a grim-faced Sigmund Freud gripping a stripper pole in the nude made us all giggle.

Freudian Strip is now due for wide release and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve already sold it at the Brewers’ Market and the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, and the artwork has had great reception. Many laughs, photos and bemused fascination. Not only that, the beer has been selling like crazy; the first to sell out at both events with great feedback from craft-beer lovers and lager drinkers alike.

We couldn’t be more proud. For Hop Stuff Brewery, the idea of collaborating with artists is about illustrating what craft beer means to us. The rule of ‘if it makes us laugh, it goes to print’ is perfect. We want to create beers that are a means to create a shared experience amongst people – where people can take that first sip, pause and say, “shit that’s nice”.

We’ll look forward to sharing a few beers with the guys from Quite Good Cards on launch night – just to well-and-truly test that the Freudian Strip goes down as well as it looks.

Looking forward to the next one, too! We see this as the first of many for our seasonal beers – where we can have a beer with local independents to celebrate creativity and do cool shit.