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Our range


Our range

our range

We make all sorts, but these four are simple craft beers that everyone can enjoy: sessionable and sippable. 

Click the can to check out the beer (or just scroll down). Cans are available for purchase online, and our Beer Compass can help find a bar with keg or cask on. 

Scroll down more and you'll feast your eyes on our seasonal and limited release brews. These saucy numbers allow us to stretch our brewing legs and experiment with flavour profiles.

Four Hour Session

Four Hour Session

four hour session - 4.2% 

Four Hour Session_circle.png

Inspired by the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, where Hop Stuff was born.

This is the historic site where ammunition and artillery were made for WWI and II. It was a bleak time, so workers were permitted ‘four hour sessions’ of beer to boost morale – without getting steamed.

As such, this is a genuine IPA with a sessionable ABV and bitterness. It keeps its hoppy aromas and oaty body without knocking you off your chair. A juicy, fruity brew built for anyone.

Available: Keg and can

IBU: 25

Hops: Columbus, Mosaic, Rakau, Amarillo

Unfiltered Pils

Unfiltered Pils


Unfiltered Pils_circle.png

A lot of pilsners are filtered, which can sometimes filter out aromas and body.

Unfiltered Pils keeps the flavour in. It's a hazy Czech pilsner with Perle, Saaz and Mittelfruh for flavours of honey, fresh lemon and spice.  Ideal for drinkers not used to craft beer, but savourable enough for craft nuts

Available: Keg and can

IBU: 45

Hops: Perle, Saaz and Mittelfruh



APA - 3.8% 


Like the Four Hour Session , the Arsenal Pale Ale is inspired by Hop Stuff’s birth place on the Royal Arsenal; a genuine craft beer brewed to be enjoyed by all over a few hours.

It’s a genuine American pale ale with all five hop variants from the 'Land of the Brave'; a juicy refreshing sheep in wolf's clothing, to please anyone from connoisseurs to craft newcomers.

Available: Can and cask

IBU: 35

Hops: Ahtanum, Columbus, Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic.

Renegade IPA

Renegade IPA


Renegade IPA_circle.png

Our first ever beer in 2013. After years of drinking, fine-tuning and more drinking, this award winner is everything you look for out of a West Coast-style IPA.

The Renegade IPA has five grunty hops to flavour: Citra and Cascade for citrus, Ahtanum adds floral notes, Mosaic for tropical fruits and Columbus for touches of pine. All evened up with malty caramel sweetness.

Available: Keg, can and cask

IBU: 65

Hops: Citra, Cascade, Ahtanum, Columbus, Mosaic



Limited releases

Every couple of months we squeeze time into the brew schedule to stretch our creative legs and experiment with more daring flavour profiles. We might brew alternative beer varietals, try single hopping with something new, or get into a collaboration. You have to taste to find out (while they last).



DDH Pale

Launch date is 28 June 2018.

The second in the DDH series, the Double Dry Hopped Pale is twice charged with Citra and Ekuanot (and some Bitter Gold). It’s another hop-lovers dream, but it’s bark is bigger than its bite at a sessionable 4.5% ABV. To be enjoyed as fresh as can be.

Tasting notes: Imagine frolicking about in a summer meadow and stuffing your face with fistfuls of honeydew melons, juicy nectarines, and chopped strawberries. But drinking a nice beer instead, so it’s better. 

Available: Keg only

IBU: 45

Hops: Citra, Ekuanot, Bitter Gold


DDH IPA can image.png

The Double Dry Hopped IPA is slathered with Mosaic and Simcoe to drive lovely hoppy goodness right into happy faces. It’s a 7% ABV ode to our name’s sake; made to be enjoyed as fresh as can be.

Sticky stone fruit splatter the senses with zesty marmalade on the eyes, nose and tongue. Flavours of apricot to start and citrus to finish. It’s resinous but light; deceptively drinkable for a big hoppy beer. 

Available: Keg and 440mL can from 2nd March 2018.

IBU: 25

Hops: Mosaic and Simcoe

FREUDIAN STRIP (Vienna lager) - 5.4%



We collaborated with Quite Good Cards for this Vienna Lager. They make alternative greeting cards out of East London, and specialise in the witty and obscure. See the time-lapse video of this artwork being hand-painted below. You can check them out online or at Broadway Market every Saturday. 

As for the beer, it's a lightly tinted Vienna Lager: balanced but with plenty for eager lips to taste. The Vienna malt and Mandarina hops copulate to birth a post coital orange candy kiss. Slippery drinkability and tantalising 'come hither' zest make it a tasty little menace - as crazed as its namesake.

Available: Keg and 440mL can from 2nd March 2018.

IBU: 20

Hops: Perle, Mandarina Bavaria



Does exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s like a chocolate milkshake, but better. No milk, no ice cream, and please don’t shake it – simply a smooth and saucy porter whose vanilla makes the chocolate sing.

Expect dark chocolate, roasted coffee and vanilla caramel notes on the nose and mouth.  

Available: Keg only from 23rd October 2017

IBU: 50

Hops: Wilamette, Pilgrim



The Hop Stuff Oatmeal Stout is a cask favourite that delivers everything a cosy pub needs to shoo away the blustery winter outside.

All English hops, dark and brooding. Malty, dark roast coffee notes and smooth oaty goodness.

Available: Cask only

IBU: 50

Hops: Willamette, East Kent Golding


"When life hands you hops, make beer"

So said the Hop Stuff brewers when Sorachi Ace hops were dumped on their door step. Instead of sending them back, they put together an herbaceous creamy red ale.

More-ishly complex. Caramel notes are followed by hints of lemon, dill, and coconut. Like drinking a Bounty bar.

Available: Keg only from 1st April 2017

IBU: 50

Hops: Sorachi Ace

Tap Map

Tap Map


Check out the Hop Stuff Tap Map below.

These are our favourite bars and pubs, and we make sure it's up to date every month. But if you're making a journey for a fix of Hop Stuff, maybe call ahead to make sure it's on tap or pump.

The best way to try our full range is to come to our Taproom. Just down the DLR, bus or National Rail - tons of craft beer, outrageous sourdough and famous Buffalo wings. Do it. 

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