Core keg and can

These have been influenced by you, our customer. Rain, hail or shine, these four options are available year round.   

Core cask

Hop Stuff was solely a cask brewer in the beginning. Our core cask range is made up of our stalwart beers; APA, Fusilier, Pale Ale and Renegade IPA. 


Whilst our core seeks to satisfy all taste buds, the seasonal range is an opportunity to challenge and explore.

The first seasonal release for 2017 is the Sorachi Ace Red Ale. A herbaceous creamy red ale, it's more-ishly complex. Sweet caramel flavour up front, followed by hints of lemon, dill, and coconut.

Available in keg from 17/04/17 until it runs out!

Find Hop Stuff beer!

We're still small but have poured beer all over London, and a little further than that. Check out the beer compass below to see everywhere that's served our beloved beer in the last 6 months.

Remember, taps and casks can change frequently in the world of craft. So if you're looking for somewhere to enjoy some Hop Stuff, don't be shy to call ahead or visit the Taproom for the full range. We're still working on a live tool.

- The Sorachi Ace icons indicate bars with the seasonal brew.
- The hop icon indicates keg or cask
- The can icon indicates the new can line.