Unfiltered Pilsner 

Unfiltered Pilsner 


Beer is really simple: 1. Water 2. Malt 3. Hops 4. Yeast
At Hop Stuff, we're inspired by styles, ingredients and flavours from around the world. Each country has its own hoppy twist, and we aim to take the best of everywhere else to create amazing flavoured beers on the Royal Arsenal, SE London.

Core Range (Cask)

Core Range (Keg)

Seasonal Range (Cask and Keg)

For most of us the words “real ale drinker” conjure up images of old men in flat caps, supping at dark brown pints of flat beer and complaining about noisy jukeboxes and the loutish lager brigade. The phrase “craft beer” has equally strong stereotypes associated with it; skinny jeans, untamed beards and tattoos, to name a few. In actual fact, at Hop Stuff we believe the two aren’t so far apart after all and both groups have one thing in common – Passion for great tasting beer, simply-made and properly looked after. 

From West Coast IPA's to French style Saisons, English Bests & Pales, Hop Stuff Brewery can find a beer for you. 

For tasting notes or flavour profiles, please contact: info@hopstuffbrewery.com


The Brewery

All our beer is bottled too - want to stock it? Get in touch... 

For more information on the beers or the brewery, please contact; info@hopstuffbrewery.com